Monday, April 19, 2010

HURRY UP.............and S-L-O-W Down~~~~~~~

Reading has long been a Passion of mine............I have to remind myself at times to slow down as I read; to take it all in; not to rush to finish...........It is difficult when there are so MANY books that I long to read.

I spend most all my time these days reading as my creative pursuit instead of "making things". Oh, I still stitch a bit and re-arrange bits of the home front, but reading is what I long to be doing most.

Reading is the great matter your lot in life, if you can read, you have the key to meeting new people, visiting new lands and learning about whatever you want. Give me a great stack of books and a pot of tea and I'm happy.

Since beginning this blog, I have kept a book list on the sidebar. I would love to hear from other book lovers to hear of what you are reading.


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