Sunday, June 28, 2009

How Do You Stack an Altered Deck?

What's more fun than playing a card game? ALTERING a deck of cards to play with!

This standard deck was covered with pages from a discarded book, cutting out the bits so the number and suit could still show. Then, find sweet pics and fun sayings to add.

I painted the top of the cards black, then scratched them up a bit with sandpaper. I just LUV Black and White tones. They then got a matte spray finish.

Tied them up with a bit of ribbon, Black and White, of course.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Love Those Old Game Boards

Instead of just leaving all my old board games stored away, I put the boards on the wall of the basement where our grandkids play. If we want to play one of them, we just take it down. I use big push pins to secure them outside the edges of the board. Some of these are getting old. "Emergency" has been played with to pieces with both our son and grandson. And, there is a larger pic of "Mighty Mouse", one of my fave cartoon shows in the 50s.

What old board games do you have tucked away?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Stamp It Up!

Fun little project while watching tv. These sweet little trays can be found at Michaels's for just a buck. I painted all the tray except for the top surface with glossy black, then sanded it down a bit. Picked out some favorite stamps to glue down, with my fave man, Mr. Lincoln, in the middle.

Gave the entire piece a coat of matte finish Mod Podge, then the stamped area a final coat. SO FUN! Would be a good project for the kids when they are yelling there is NOTHING TO DO!

Having a bit of a problem with setting out my pics within the blog. Sorry for the space here where another picture should be.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

TAG! YOU'RE IT ! ! !

So fun cutting and pasting cute tags about the Alphabet. Still working on them. I used old images out of a discarded school textbook and various papers.

They are sorta-kinda for my granddaughter, but really for me! Will I ever grow up?
I hope not...........

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Red for the Blues

Here is a bit of "Red" to brighten up today. Another little piece I did several years ago to celebrate red and also Redwork stitching. Of course, buttons feature here as well, a mixture of fabrics and little snips cut from magazines. A piece of ribbon, floss, thread, jar lid. Fun to do and cheery for today.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's All Black and White~~~and easy~~~~~

Take a forlorn little chest, some black paint, a few pages from an old discarded reference sized dictionary and good old Mod Podge with matte finish. Voila! With a little bit of time you have a new piece of artwork that says just what you want it to.

My methods: Take knobs off chest and paint black as well as the facing part behind drawers. Select pages and use Mod Podge like glue to adhere. I used pages with words and quotes about those words. If you look closely at the 2nd drawer, you can see my word "Possibilities". After the entire piece is covered, allow to dry overnight and give it all a finish coat.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Charmstring Memories

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Perhaps if you were a girl in the 1800s, you would collect small buttons on a piece of string, traded with friends or given to you as gifts. Maybe a trip to town with mother would produce a purchase of buttons for a new garment with one left over for your string.

Stories tell of hoping to string 999 buttons, with the 1000th one given by your prince charming. Sometimes other little trinkets or charms would be added to the buttonstring. Intact strings have been discovered through the years, but many have been divided up among families or split up for sale.

Five years ago, I decided to begin my own charmstring. Being a member of the National Button Society, ( I had learned much about materials and ages of buttons. In keeping with the appropriate time frame, I collect only buttons before 1918, but of many types; glass, metals, pearl, china and more. In a concession to more modern methods, I have used fishing line as the string to insure they stay intact. It is currently over 13 feet long and has 876 buttons.

I keep a little list of all those who have gifted me with buttons but have also added many of my own. As for the 1000th one...............I already have my prince charming and he is a keeper.
When my granddaughter was born, I decided to begin a string for her, using one button for each week of her life. Each year is a different material of button and are mostly of buttons from the 1900s.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Down to the Bare Wood

The hutch in the dining room calls out from time to time, wanting new stuff on its' shelves. Holidays and other special times usually show up in great form there, but this time, only bare wood would do. I scouted the house for all the little things that fit. Like a treasure hunt, it kept me awake at night, thinking of one more thing yet to add.

There are wooden nickels, buttons and toothpicks. Even a "round TUIT" that a friends' father made for me.

So fun to find and arrange; a whole new look and not a penny spent. I love the spareness of it. See the two old boxes on the bottom shelf? I'll give you a look into those tomorrow.

A Cozy Corner

Isn't that what we all want and NEED? Just a little nook to curl up in and call our own? A few years ago, I turned the closet of our spare bedroom into such a place. With some help from the brother-in-law, I took out the closet doors, made a raised platform with storage underneath and a thick foam cushion on top. Two little lights were installed at each end. I covered the cushion and the back wall with the same bunny fabric. Throw in lots of pillows, books and a cup of tea and there you have it.
Of course when the grand-kidlets are here it can turn into all sorts of other things.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Makes Life Worthwhile

Here are two of my darling kidlets that bring me joy. Ages 9 and 4 1/2. How soon these childhood days will pass and hopefully the time grammy spent with them will be sweet memories for all of us.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newest Artwork~~~Celebrating Lifes' Neutrals

This box contains elements of my life including actual pieces of handwriting from both of my grandmothers. The photos are not me, but are symbols, especially the little girl waiting on the porch and on the car. Waiting and cars both figure hugely in my life. There is a rolled up song sheet of one of my favorite hymns. The order and the neutrality of finding and organizing all of the elements was quite soothing and satisfying.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Learning as I is another try to relocate the picture for today.

Anniversary Day

Today, I think back 41 years to when I hooked up for good with this dear husband of mine. We have been through our share of hard times, but so grateful that we have both hung in there for the long run. Feels preciously good.

Being so new to this blogging life, I do not know how to make my picture the right size to fit within my text, so please scroll down for picture. I'll get better at this!

Linda K.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mixed Media Artwork for Sale

I have enjoyed creating these pieces on a base of 1920s era book covers with mostly old bits and pieces. I believe each has their own story to tell. $20.00 each. These are on the right sidebar. Ask for more info or a bigger picture.

Just Jump Right In!

No, I cannot swim, but why not just plunge in to this blogging life anyway? After all, I DO LIVE with the perfect rescuer who can jump in and save me!

Life is short and I feel the need to leave my mark somehow.

More to come soon, of a creative, artful nature...........................


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