Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Etsy Listings

I need buyers! I have listed new items on Etsy this week AND, I am offering FREE SHIPPING ON 2nd ITEM OR FREE TOTAL SHIPPING if buying 3 ITEMS!!! Please look at listings on the right sidebar.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Box Of Eye Candy

Here is a yummy treat for all of you who cannot keep your hands out of the candy box!
Yeah, that includes me! But, this one will not add calories or pounds. I created this for a button show award in 2003. It is a Creative Mounting award. Only rule is to use at least one button or more and mount on a 9 X 12 card. Then, let your imagination soar. ENJOY!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Buttons on Great Graphic Cards

Aren't these buttons just even more wonderful mounted on these super cards with graphics by Cathe at

Just Something I Made?
Cathe offers so many generous goodies to share with all of blogland!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Wanna come over and have a cup of tea and a scone and have a few peeks into my home?

Here are just 3 little views of some of my faves. Gorgeous Large PEARL BUTTONS tossed onto a large cream platter on my coffee table. Comforting fun to paw through and hold them and rearrange now and then.

Above my bed; Beautiful pieces of gingerbread from an old home and lots of White and
Cream ware. All on top of a cloth covered interior of an old rolltop desk.

My Swanky Swig collection above the kitchen sink.

Our Bathroom, done all in White and black. Love that beadboard!

Just finished this special order of a dozen Bookmarks in the Jane Austen-esque mood. I love working on them; the pictures, the paper, the song sheets, the trims; all soothing. Backs are covered in song sheets as well.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Thrift Store Finds

Picked up 3 little goodies at some charity thrift shops.

This book is full of cool pages of numbers and will be great for collages and gluebooks. And, the covers as bases for more.

These little "thingies" are oval pieces of cloth with old little bits of sweet prints handstitched on.Not sure of their purpose, but fun little "thingies" they are.

I ADORE tiny cups! This one tells the story of the suitor pursing his love on one
side and his winning her on the other. So cute to sip tea from at grammys next little tea party.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hooray for Just Another Ordinary Day!


~~~Not nearly as hot as usual for August in Kansas
~~~Having lunch with my dear husband at our favorite burger joint
~~~Jaunt by the library to pick up the newest books in for us
~~~My dear friend Tami coming over to chat and hug
~~~Sweet comments from Blogland Friends
~~~Spreading mulch over our newly planted little baby bushes
~~~Enjoying the site of simple green pottery and glass in the white hutch
~~~Working in little bits of time on little projects
~~~Mailing out button orders that I have sold
~~~Apples, cheese and Rice Krispie treats for supper

Most of us lead a life of many Ordinary days...... It is up to us to see them for what treasures they truly are...............

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Day, Another Collage...........

Sweet little collage to share.

These are so theraputic to make; adding all the little touches. Too much fun for one grammy!

Otherwise, I am dealing with a bad bite on the arm that I got down in my workspace. Had to make a doctor visit as it was so swollen and red. Getting better now. It's a jungle out there! Even in your own basement!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Does Anyone Know? What Happened to Button Willow Cottage?

I love this blog so much and always found such comfort in visiting. I have been wondering if anyone knows about the dear keeper of this blog?

Button Willow Cottage

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wee Little Ones on Halloween Collages

Halloween is not a holiday I am fond of.............don't care for witches or ghosts or being scared to death. But, when I saw such cute post card images of wee Halloween kidlets, I just wanted to make something with them.

These are on mat board with the post cards printed onto cardstock. I added rick-rack and buttons and some glitter. Oh yeah, and some little Boo! signs and one Meow.

Remember what I showed you Last Time? And GIVEAWAY

Finished one of the it EVER HOPEFUL...........Used mat board Mod Podged with sheet music, then a real post card, which I antiqued around just a bit. Printed off the title and added it with some lace underneath. Stamped a couple times. Added some trims.

Ok, back to working on the Childens' GlueBook.............

Art by Canace is having an incredible GIVEAWAY. Go to her blog to check it out!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Way Things Really Are ~~~~~ and a Peek at Works in Progress

For sure, you will not be seeing my "studio" in any of the magazines. Yes, I would love it to be bigger and brighter with all of my supplies tucked away in neat little beautiful boxes and shelves. But, this is what I have and this is what I will be so grateful for.

It is tucked in a room in the basement so at least I do not have to concern myself with it being in order all of the time.

Here are some pics of work in progress. I just know that I want to use these images in a piece, but have to wait until the rest comes to me.
When I create a collage, I never do it all in one sitting. The last pic shows two 4 by 6 mat boards that I first covered with a piece of music and a sheet from an old children's encyclopedia. I chose two images that I wanted to be the focus of the piece and glued those down. This was done last night and they still sit there. Ideas will usually come to me as I wait and I cannot seem to rush the process.

The last pic is a great hardback children's book I got for a dime that will be my next glue book. I have already torn out or cut out about half of the pages. This one will be dedicated totally to children. Anybody want to make one along with me?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Than a LITTLE Excited

Finally took my artwork and other little crafty projects to a shop today and the owner loved them all and took them all on consignment. Now, for many of you readers, this is no big deal as you already have had this experience...................BUT, for me it is HUGE!!!!!!! I guess I have such a need to feel some acknowledgement from others that what I create has merit. My dear husband is not a good judge as he thinks everything I do is brillant, bless his wonderful heart. And, after all, you can only make so many things for yourself and as gifts and then, they begin to pile up.

Now, my mind is whirling with possible projects for fall and Christmas.

So, here's to CREATIVITY of all kinds..............CHEERS!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GlueBook Pages

Love the little girl feeling I get from playing in a glue book. Finding this and that to glue in and make up my own story as I go. If you haven't tried it, you gotta get yourself some "stuff" and the glue of your choice and have some fun! Here are a few of my pages to share. You should be able to right click to make any page bigger to see details.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What If You Do Not Blog for 4 Days?

Does anyone notice? Does anyone care?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Playing with Blocks

Started with blocks my sons played with years ago.... (they are now 38 and 28)...cut some sweet images from an old discarded text book and used my trusty Mod Podge to apply, putting names on the backs.............then a couple of extra coats of Podge, glued on a button and Bob's your uncle, as the Brits would say............or Voila!, as the French.............or just plain.............done!

Ready for Snow?


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