Monday, September 19, 2011

Grammy's Playful Weekend~~~~~3 Fun Projects !

Sometimes the smallest ideas turn out best;  or at least I think so........................

I got this idea for something new for Fall (YES!) for my front door.  I love wheat so wanted to use that...........Bought a 12 inch letter "K" at Joanns', painted it black and  made little bunches of wheat to glue on........... tied it off with some yummy black ribbon. Simple, but I love it.  I took the pic of it hanging on an over sized yardstick that I used for hanging artwork, but it now lives on the front door.

And, since Joanns' had a special "Seniors Day" with an extra 20% off, (I CAN NOT believe I really qualify!) and since the Fiskars punches were already 30% off, I got this great new "Puzzle" punch  for half price. Grammy does love a bargain!  An old 25 cent clipboard that I recently picked up at a garage sale with a bunch of black and white paper cutouts is now a cute little altered bit of love.
AND, my Favorite thing of all..........................I have a bunch of very old photo negatives that were from my grandparents.  I have used them some in mixed media art and just love looking at them. I used one that shows my grandmother and my father when he would have been about 7, so that would have been around 1928.  I glued it onto this great old jar/water container, then tied some crocheted work around the top and added the tatting that my grandmother actually made.  Also added a horseshoe ephemera and a tiny metal horseshoe that I recently was given by Laurie of Indulge My Shelf. I LOVE this and it makes me happy.  My great-grandfather was a champion at horseshoe pitching, so the horseshoes make it even more special. I'm gonna make more of these!


  1. Linda, I love all three of your projects! I may try that first one with my "N". Did you get the wheat at the craft store? I love how the negative looks on the bottle! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  2. Cool projects Linda! They all turned out fantastic.


  3. Oh, my!!! I wondered why I hadn't heard from you. I am so tickled to see these awesome ideas! Like I always say, you inspire me to move on ideas instead of letting them dissipate. I don't know which one I love the most, but you can bet I will be doing "something" today. Love you, Starshine! You light up our world.




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