Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book Review

The Ties That Bind: A Memoir of Race, Memory, and RedemptionThe Ties That Bind: A Memoir of Race, Memory, and Redemption by Bertice Berry

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Relating the story of her family's past, Bertice Berry realized that she did not fully understand of what that past consisted. It was only at the end of her mother's life that she finally began to listen to the stories told of good white people who owned the farm where her ancestors lived and worked. Before this time she believed her people to be slaves. Her previous novel had castigated the supposed slave owner of her family and with this book she seeks to redeem herself for her misinformation.

Growing up in the 60's as one of seven children, all of different fathers, Ms. Berry tells her family story, attempting to weave the times of slavery into the fabric of the current day. Her life is a crusade of encouraging people of all colors to come to grips with where they have come from and above all, to love and help others in their lives.

A positive reflection of thoughtful writing.

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  1. Interesting that Berry's first novel was so scathing. I'm surprised when any writer fails to do research and dig for truth. I'm sure this one was much better. Have you read anything by Lalita Tademy? I read Cane River awhile back and will be reading Red River fairly soon.



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