Sunday, April 15, 2012

Obsessed with Book Page Art

I am crazy about books, as in reading them, but also, for those that have lived past their expiration date, I am enamored with seeing them made into something else.  I have made a few of the simpled folded books for display and made one for my friend Tami.  BUT, this one to show today is my fave thus far.  From a book called babies that I have loved for a long, long time, but it was wanting to be turned into something new.

It was so much fun folding the pages and seeing it take shape.......................The pretty end papers were already there.....................

Oh yeah, did I tell you that this book is only 2 inches tall?  That is what makes it so precious. And, one of my new FAVORITE THINGS.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how sweet --- its size makes it even more so! Isn't it fun to alter books? I did one recently by aging it even more with brown distress ink and tucking little forest findings into it.



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