Monday, February 8, 2010

Backmarked Buttons

One of my obsessions in button collecting has been the search for ones with the backmark of "Gesetelich" or "Geschutzt", which means patented or trademarked in German. This first pic has metal buttons, some that also contain glass, fabric or plastic. The pink one is all glass.

If you like drop dead gorgeous, this tray is for you! These all have the Gesch backmark and are all large in size with many colors and shapes of glass. The purple ones are my favorites.~~~~~~~~ENJOY!


  1. Linda, These buttons are beautiful, where to you find them? I've been looking a long time, Just can't seem to come across any at a good price. Love them. smiles, Carol Mae

  2. Linda...your right...these are 'DROP
    DEAT GORGEOUS".....yummmmmmmmmmm!!!
    ...warmest regards...Chickie

  3. Linda I love reading your blog and yes, these buttons are great. Now I will check in my collection to see if I have any back mark
    "Gesetelich" or "Geschutzt", which means patented or trademarked in German Right now I am finally carding black glass diminutives, so far have over a hundred done and have another hundred to go then on to the small and mediums!! This does feel like an ever ending project. Decided I need to start learning about black glass. Button Hugs, Sarah



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