Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Cool Are THESE Books ?????

Recently discovered my new favorite place to shop, Stampers Ink. It's been there for 5 years, so I am a bit late in finding it, but it was worth the wait! The owner, Tanya, is the most gracious and helpful of shop owners and she just makes you wanna go back again. She carries the biggest variety of stamps and inks around and has fabulous classes at very low prices.

I was overjoyed to find these two books there. Tanya cuts old Readers Digest Condensed books into these fabulous shapes with a band saw! I am in altered heaven with the Heart one right now. I also bought some Copic markers there and they are wonderful too.

Here is what they look like when opened. Talk about Great Repurposing!

Now, what are you up to at your house today?


  1. Those are REALLY cool, Linda! Do you buy them like that or do you have a saw I can want to borrow? What fun.

    You can amble over to my "blog" to see what I have been up to.........mostly it has been "Pondering".

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog Linda... so glad you enjoyed the freebie of the rulers. Aren't they gorgeous? :o)

    lol @ unlimited possibilities... I knew it sounded familiar when I wrote it!

    Have a great weekend and do lovely things with those very clever books!

  3. What a neat idea, Would never have thought of that. Have a great weekend. Smiles, Carol Mae



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