Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hop, Hop..............Cheep, Cheep..........Chocolate Anyone?

~~~~~When you are a girl who has a bedroom devoted to Peter Rabbit and related bunnies and Easter rolls around and all the other goodies get pulled out for a visit, it is hard to know where to stop! So, some just have to stay in their room and be happy they are out the entire year.

This little container was from cottage cheese back in the 50s. It is paper with a wax coating.

I made these big blue and pink bunnies back in 1974 in a ceramics class.

All the post cards are quite old and it is hard to pick just some to show.
I love using what is at hand; I had some variegated cloth-type "yarn" that I chained a big length of to use for the string for the cards. I may still paint the clothespins if I get motivated.

Included the little tiny doll quilt that I made a couple of years ago as the colors are so right.


  1. Oh my gosh, you have the best collections! You make me wish that I was more motivated to change things up more often!

  2. So cute, all your nice Easter and bunny collections. Love it. Very nice display too! Have a good evening, Carol Mae

  3. Linda, you continue to inspire me! You're the MOST creative and have the BEST taste of anyone I know! Okay, I'll get into my Easter boxes this week. Now, how to hang Easter cards when I have only a few, and I have one flat top antique blanket chest to use for the displays. Hmmmmm. What would Linda do?
    Love you! Miz Di from Goshen.

  4. You have a great collection! How fun to see it all displayed in that bead board shelving.

  5. I always enjoy seeing what you'll do next in the hutch! Thanks for the sunshine you bring with this blog...and do visit the Paper Collector to pick up your Sunshine Award!

  6. Looking over your collections and what not here I see we have a lot in common. Come visit me over in Retired in Alaska. Right now I'm pretty obsessed with my Weimaraner Pan. He is a handful and being an Alaska winter inside so much. This too shall pass. I'm your newest follower.

  7. You always have such lovely collections and show them off beautifully!

  8. Just hoppened to have enough time to explore your wonderful display. You are a WONDERment!! I love all your ideas and neat "stuff"!!! It wo uld be fun to have a tea party with all of your followers and share! Thanks for brightening our holiday and Easter blessing to you. He is Risen!!

    Love, Gwen in Michigan



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