Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Review~Gardenias by Faith Sullivan

Gardenias: A NovelGardenias: A Novel by Faith Sullivan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The life and mind of 9 year old Lark, from Harvester Minnesota in the 1930's, is the voice of this story, the roots of which were laid in the authors' 3 previous books in the series. World War II is now raging and Lark's mother has left her husband and, with her sister Betty, moved to a town in California, taking a reluctant Lark. The neighbors and others they meet become a major part in Lark's formative years there. Shirley, abused and ignored, is enveloped into the family, much to Lark's dismay. The coming of age happenings that are sometimes frightening and confusing occur with input from Shirley, who is much wiser to the ways of the world. The role that other adults play in the girls' young lives takes me back to those who meant so much to me. An insightful look into those torn apart by war as well as the relationships in families that both hurt and nurture. I recommend reading the previous books although this one stands on it's own.

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