Sunday, June 12, 2011

So............... a Year Later~~~~~~~~

Popping back into blogging after a year away.

I have been pondering over why I chose to blog originally and why I am back. Yes, I enjoyed making some new friends out there and showing what I created and how I lived in my little world. I also realized that the blogging world can make you rather competitive and anxious about trying to come up with more creative and clever posts. After all, there are lots of creative people! So, I did not blog for a year.

But, I have found that I really miss it. So, I am back, but less anxious to show not just what I can create, but WHO I am. I will talk more about all the wonderful books I am reading and probably the Vintage Gluebooks I am rather addicted to making of late. And, it will be an encouragement to be more accountable for each moment of the day. Oh, and maybe I will share little bits and pieces about our newest girl in the house, my kitty-girl named STAR.


  1. Yessssssssss!! This is wonderful for YOU are my inspiration!!!!!! The new "Star" in your galaxy is adorable, and her name is purrrrrrrrfect, too.

    I am so happy to see you back, I will be looking in.........I'm a faithful follower.


  2. Welcome Back!!!! Can't wait until you post gluebook pages!

  3. so glad you are back....I love your blog, and I never removed you from my favorites list.....and I never will.

    Has "Star" discovered the hutch yet?
    I can just imagine her weaving in and out of the white ironstone shoes, and seasonal cards.

    Keep on keeping on with what you do best....making us smile.

    a northern reader

  4. Thanks for letting me know about your return to blogland- would love to see your gluebooks and hear about what you're reading. Best, Beth



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