Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Review

Passers-byPassers-by by Anthony Partridge

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Reading a book published one hundred years ago, I am taken on a needed trip to a time when more proprieties were at hand and relationships more defined. Set in both England and France, not much of the plot can be spoken of or the ending themes would be spoiled.

A young beautiful girl sings on the street with a dwarf who plays a small piano. They are joined by a monkey, who holds his tray for those small coins given by those who pass by. This little scene forms the basis for mystery of how they came to be and all those who are part of their lives and much deeper mysteries.

This book was written by an author who was a master of his craft and boasted of a huge following, who also wrote under the name of E. Phillips Oppenheim. It was said at the time of 1910 that no man of his generation had so much facility of expression or so fine a power of narration. It is indeed well written and enjoyable.

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  1. I read old books, too. (Great minds think alike!) I love Charles Dickens and have read Great Expectations several times, always discovering something else like a special turn of phrase that I may have missed, one of the challenges of being a fast reader --- I have had to force myself over the years to slow down and savor books, not treat them like I have to teach them. 8-) The Victorian Age in England was so interesting. One of my favorite references is Inside the Victorian Home by Judith Flanders. Fascinating stuff.



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