Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Collage Challange

Mary Green continues to offer us fun with her monthly challenges, providing 3 images that at least some of each must be used. 

My collage shows the story of Ludmila, who has been waiting so very long to hear of her love, Ivan.   He finally appears in  a message brought by his trusty dog Igor, (a real sissy in that bonnet)  who has travailed over the snowy and icy terrain to make this delivery.  The tag on the key shows the number 360, which both Ludmila and Ivan believe to show that they have weathered the storm and come full circle in their love and understanding of one another. Her answer to him is a definite "Yes",  but she hopes he will appear in person soon and leave the dog at home.

(Ok, either start laughing or upchuck, whichever you feel right now :)  )

There is still time to participate in this challenge and you might even be chosen at random to win a little prize offered by Mary.


  1. LOL! Linda, I love the story you created to go with your collage! I love the window and the messenger dog is great!

  2. Absolutely fabulous!! lololol I love your brain. I need to be cleaning the kitchen but this was so much more fun. ;o) After things settle down I will be back for a review of "how to". Hope it is as pretty where you are as it is here. Beautiful autumn and the Tigers meet the Rangers this week-end!!!


  3. Ha ha, yes the dog does look a sissy with the little bonnet on! Great story line to go with this great layered page.

  4. You crack me up! I still have to do mine...might get to it today!

  5. Love the 3 dimensional look of this! Wonderful!

  6. I love your story! I love artwork with stories that go along with it. I've made a couple of pendants for necklaces that are what I call story pendants. They aren't as involved as yours because they aren't collages but I thinking of doing some more involved ones.



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