Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Blogger Shout Out to Dianne

My dear kindred Spirit friend, Dianne, has recently created her first blog, Heirloom Aprons and Buttons.
She has amassed a beautiful and unique collection of both and will be presenting them with a view toward both their historical value as well as their beauty.

Dianne is a remarkable researcher and strives to always learn the utmost of whatever topic she chooses.  Please visit and bookmark and continue to watch for her posts !

In Diannes' honor,  I am showing  a vintage Christmas apron given to me by my Grandma Blunt. It has a matching dishtowel.  I just adore the winter scene and each year when I pull it out at this season it takes me back to Christmas times with her and Granddaddy.


  1. Hi Linda! Thank you for your nice words. I love your blog and every post, and now especially your Christmas apron from your grandmother! I'm having fun learning to post, so thanks for being my wonderful friend and mentor! Blessings, Dianne at heirloomapronsandbuttons.blogspot.com

  2. I love that apron, and having a matching dish towel makes it even more of a treasure! I am headed to that blog you described. What fun seeing other people's creativity! I send blessings your way!

  3. Your vintage apron is so pretty! Thank you for sharing your friend's blog. I enjoyed visiting and I look forward to learning from her.

  4. That is a very sweet apron! I adore vintage aprons, too!



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