Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Review - Three Lives

Three LivesThree Lives by Lettice Cooper

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

England of the 1950s sets the stage for the intersection of three lives. Amyas is owner of Nunbarrow, a large estate that also encompassed nearby coal mines at one time. He sells half the estate to a group of academics to use as a school. Margery, wife of the head of the school is a bright light that shines on it all. Tod, a young coal miner who hates his job, becomes a sort of project for Amyas, who hopes to lead him into something of a better life. Although quite busy with her husband, 3 children and the school life, Margery slowly becomes more than a good friend to Amyas, who lives in his half of the estate with an elderly aunt who is dying.

This is a good story of post war life and how the country was changing, with nuclear war a topic of possible catastrophe. The manners and customs of the time and place are interesting. Also, a sad time when more and more of the old estates were given over to other concerns due to lack of money and the changing culture.

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