Thursday, June 18, 2009

Down to the Bare Wood

The hutch in the dining room calls out from time to time, wanting new stuff on its' shelves. Holidays and other special times usually show up in great form there, but this time, only bare wood would do. I scouted the house for all the little things that fit. Like a treasure hunt, it kept me awake at night, thinking of one more thing yet to add.

There are wooden nickels, buttons and toothpicks. Even a "round TUIT" that a friends' father made for me.

So fun to find and arrange; a whole new look and not a penny spent. I love the spareness of it. See the two old boxes on the bottom shelf? I'll give you a look into those tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Okay Linda,
    That was a great teaser... I love wooden boxes and NEED to know what's in them now.
    I think one of your pictures is missing though, and do you have larger pics of your collages on the sidebar?
    From what I can see... lovely lovely work.



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