Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's All Black and White~~~and easy~~~~~

Take a forlorn little chest, some black paint, a few pages from an old discarded reference sized dictionary and good old Mod Podge with matte finish. Voila! With a little bit of time you have a new piece of artwork that says just what you want it to.

My methods: Take knobs off chest and paint black as well as the facing part behind drawers. Select pages and use Mod Podge like glue to adhere. I used pages with words and quotes about those words. If you look closely at the 2nd drawer, you can see my word "Possibilities". After the entire piece is covered, allow to dry overnight and give it all a finish coat.

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  1. Lovd the chest "mod"...and would
    work well with anything. You need your own
    spot for an article a month in a crafts
    magazine kiddo! You should start submitting
    some articles! you'd be a hit!!!
    Love from your Ohio Chickie

  2. This is great. You did an awesome job!

  3. i love this can't wait to make one!!!!

  4. OMG! That is the best idea I have ever seen! I totally love it. My daughter and I are word freaks, so this is going to thrill her. I need to go to Goodwill now and get an old piece of furniture!!!

    Did you use actual dictionary pages or did you print them on your computer?

    Halfway there...Happy Wednesday!

  5. This is so very cool!!! :) Thanks for the fabulous idea!!! :) :) :)

  6. This is so cute! I decoupaged a big cabinet once. I love the dictionary pages. Very cool.

  7. Great idea,you can also transform it into vision board.By going a little further and pasting your fav quotes and motivational words in bold.I love it.



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