Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Jump Right In!

No, I cannot swim, but why not just plunge in to this blogging life anyway? After all, I DO LIVE with the perfect rescuer who can jump in and save me!

Life is short and I feel the need to leave my mark somehow.

More to come soon, of a creative, artful nature...........................


  1. Yes, Yes, you go girl. You so talented and
    have created such beautiful objects of art.
    I'm so thrilled to know that your showing and
    selling your work now!!! Best of luck to you
    Kansas girl with the ruby shoes!
    You chickie friend from Ohio

  2. Thanks Chickie................your encouragement means so much!

  3. This has been a long time in the making. Glad to see it has become a reality for you.
    Some of the treasures on your creative works look amazingly familiar to me....;>)

    Continued success....I'll be watching.

  4. ...and now...we can SEE the art, in all it's
    glory....from the recesses of GrammyLKK's
    mind. IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

  5. I read the whole blog and love it. Great start and you are getting it figured out and most of all I can see how much fun you are having. Keep it up.



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