Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Sales and Finds

Do you feel inspired by seeing what others find at sales? I do and want to share my little finds today with you. 1/2 price day at an estate sale scored me the little treasures below and the wonderful album with a date of 1891 on the gorgeous anchor hinge. No photos inside, but marvelous pages to use for artwork.

A wonderful English ironstone platter holds some poker chips for crafting, a tiny tin and a "frog".

Also got a set of 10 1907 "Drapers Self Culture" books that are now airing out in the sun.

Finished off the morning with buying our first tomatoes of the season at the farmers' market and some wildflower honey.

Just took a pound cake out of the oven and have fresh sweet tea made. Any takers?


  1. Me, Me...I love pound Cake!!!! 2 slices Please???
    Wow! Great Finds, I love the tiny tin, and the photo album... everything! have a wonderful Day, Blanca.

  2. Hey Linda, what fun you had today! Wish I could have been there with you! I miss your buttons! And you and Rick too! I hope to send you my box of goodies this week for the shadow box, plus your little buttons for your charm string. John is getting more independent each day after his accident, but I still have to dress him and do every little thing for him. I mowed the grass today...first and last time. LOL! Doing Bible study tonight. Love, Miz Di

  3. Howdy, neighbor, good to meet you! Wish I was close enough for some of that cake!



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