Sunday, July 12, 2009

Think YOU'VE got Buttons?

See this 9 drawer cabinet? It is almost full of all kinds of buttons; glass of all colors, celluloid, pearl, metals, composition, horn, plastics....... 1000's of yummy, glorious buttons!!!

I have collected buttons on a major scale for many years. Yes, jars of common buttons by COLOR, but also file cabinet drawers full of 9 by 12 cards, sorted into types of materials and subjects. I have TOO MANY BUTTONZ! Many need to go, so contact me if you need a button fix. I probably have just what you are looking for :)

The 5 gallon ice cream container is plum full of all my rejects.

Plus, I have many of my best button babies framed on the walls of my Button Room.

So, do you have lots of buttons too?

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