Thursday, July 23, 2009

Serendipity and the Tale of the Bunny Dominoes

Today I hit one big sale and bought only 3 things before I got too hot and sick and came home. Found these great old beat up dominoes and a double deck of playing cards with French bunny word "Lapin" on them. I was playing in my altered book with paper and pages and began to cut bunnies out in various ways as shown below. Added one to my book. Then, it hit me to use the smallest cut version and make Bunny Dominoes. I used one of my granddaddys' old files to round off the corners and edges and then my fave Mod Podge to adhere the image. Think I will give it a top coat, then maybe rough it up and stain it a little and then one final coat. Too much fun for only 75 cents!!!

Oh, aren't they sweet?


  1. These ARE very sweet! Great job Linda K! I love your ideas. They are truly original!!

  2. These are really fantastic! What a great pendant they would make too :-) Wonderful idea; so clever.



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