Monday, December 7, 2009

Stringing Wooley, Buttoney Garlands

While keeping warm and watching old movies and basketball this past weekend, I strung several garlands for Christmas gifts, made from scraps of wool and old buttons.

Here's' my method. Cut out a multitude of wool or felted wool scraps into squares. Just guesstimate the size as you do not want them to all be perfectly the same. I made one about 2 inches and another about 1 inch. Using carpet thread and a large needle, begin the garland with an old button. Make a loop at the end too for hanging. String about 25-30 squares, then add 7-10 old sew thru buttons. Continue until desired. I made mine about a yard long. Finish with another button and loop.

If you do not have carpet thread, string or a double length of strong thread would work too. Also, regular felt or fleece would work instead of the wool. Although fabrics that do not ravel are best, I think chenille with pearl and white buttons would be good too. I have some scraps of pink and white from a bedspread and Grammy may just have to do one of those too!

These are fun to make and a sweet little heart-warming gift.


  1. These are just darling, Linda! It makes my heart warm just looking at them!!!

    Love, Gwen Grl

  2. These are just wonderful Linda! The colors are just fabulous!

  3. You always come up with the cutest ideas!



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