Saturday, December 12, 2009

Understated Christmas Decorating

Simple is the word at our home this holiday season. We lead very simple lives really and the small amount of Christmas fluffing seems very much in keeping with us.

Here I show pics of the dining room hutch that I change out so often. Although pearls and whites are big this year, I bought all of these many years ago when I did a White Christmas theme. I love the white candy canes peeking out of each of my little white baby shoes. And, I have always been a Star-Girl, so Christmas is their time to shine.

The mantel shows minimal fluffing, with 3 large dinner platters and neutral candles. I also strung some cranberries and also hung one of my woolie garlands.

The dining room table has a very simple ironstone platter with candles. I used an
idea from Martha and rolled them in Epsom Salts, after coating them with Mod Podge. They also sit in a mound of the Salts too. I dug out a remnent of lovely cream colored cloth and cut it into strips. Tied it in a knot every few inches or so and draped it around the platter with more pearls.

Each year, the grand kidlets and I do a kitchen table display of a little winter village, adding to it each year. Last year, my Riley and I made a BIG igloo from sugar cubes. This year he decided to put the Holy Family in the igloo and then he made two lines of snowman, reindeer other bits and told me they were all lining up, going to see Jesus. This year I made a little sugar cube house and a sugar cube snow fort.

I found a great huge silver tray at a sale a few weeks ago and it works great for a table display in front of the couch with my Miniature Snow Babies. They frolic around there in Epsom Salts too.

Simple and fun. (And, not as much to put away later!)


  1. I really love that so many people are 'keeping it simple' this year with the christmas decorating. Looks so pretty

  2. Your decorating looks just wonderful! Simple yet elegant and your whites are so beautiful!!

  3. Love your theme, Linda. Sure brought a smile to my face as I browsed........... thought I saw Fred and Ginger waltzing by. Have a blessed Christmas and thanks for sharing.

    Love, Gwen



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