Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Charmstring Buttons

I have a new article online today for Bead and Button magazine, called A Charming Tale.

I have always loved buttons and have been a member of the National Button Society for 13 years. Check out their website here The society holds conventions each year where hundreds of obsessed people come to display their own buttons and to also buy and sell. This is where you will see buttons like no where else. The convention this August is in Manchester New Hampshire.


  1. So what kind of buttons do you look for? Maybe I have something in my stash! Did you string those buttons in your picture? Would make a really cute garland for the Christmas tree if done in all whites.

  2. Those buttons are amazing! I have a few tins full of various sorts, I love them! Thanks for visiting me again, I love to see you there! suzie .xxx

  3. I really enjoyed reading the article and learning more about button collecting. Very interesting!

    Kindly, ldh



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