Sunday, January 10, 2010

Passing of Gumby Creator

How I LOVE Gumby! Art Clokey, his creator, died on January 8, peacefully in his sleep.

Gumby and Pokey have brought countless hours of fun to me and my grandchildren. These wonderful clay animations were quite astounding when first introduced in the
50's and are a breath of fresh air among the various bits we see made for kids today.
They encouraged values of friendship, honesty, helpfulness and so much more.

Long Live GUMBY!


  1. My cabin in Michigan's U.P. will still be called "Camp Gumby". Gumby was fun for my children to watch through the years.

  2. I stopped in to pay my respects, Linda. Gumby is a very important part of our culture. I took him home with me to "My Picutre's" so I can visit him often. Thank you and may we remember to pass on Mr. Clokey's message.



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