Friday, August 12, 2011

Spooning Along

This little box is a recent project to share. I have done some various spoon thingies the past few years to sell and did this one just for me. The top of a black wooden cigar box is the base with some patterned paper to fit. Etched on the letters to the spoons and glued; then added ribbon. Voila!


  1. Love your spoon "thingy", Linda! I went to Tami's site, then signed up. I need something to inspire me. YOU do! As always. ;o)

    Question? Do you have to have "vintage" things in glue books? Can you put relatively new things in there that strike your fancy? Inquiring minds need to know........I still need to figure out what book to desecrate. :o(


  2. Always love your spoon "thingys"
    I love the JOY spoons you did awhile ago.



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