Friday, August 14, 2009

The Way Things Really Are ~~~~~ and a Peek at Works in Progress

For sure, you will not be seeing my "studio" in any of the magazines. Yes, I would love it to be bigger and brighter with all of my supplies tucked away in neat little beautiful boxes and shelves. But, this is what I have and this is what I will be so grateful for.

It is tucked in a room in the basement so at least I do not have to concern myself with it being in order all of the time.

Here are some pics of work in progress. I just know that I want to use these images in a piece, but have to wait until the rest comes to me.
When I create a collage, I never do it all in one sitting. The last pic shows two 4 by 6 mat boards that I first covered with a piece of music and a sheet from an old children's encyclopedia. I chose two images that I wanted to be the focus of the piece and glued those down. This was done last night and they still sit there. Ideas will usually come to me as I wait and I cannot seem to rush the process.

The last pic is a great hardback children's book I got for a dime that will be my next glue book. I have already torn out or cut out about half of the pages. This one will be dedicated totally to children. Anybody want to make one along with me?


  1. Linda, Rick IS a great judge of your work because he's right in his opinion! Your work is brilliant, every little morsel brought together by your creative hands! All you need is publicity to get all the customers you can handle! Like Susan Boyle! A diamond in Merriam! I love your Abe Lincoln quote....a man with whom I share our birth date. John and I are heading to Michigan for Sarah and Marleny's birthday party this morning and will return tomorrow evening. Make a Great Weekend! Love you both, Dianne

  2. Well my dear, don't you even worry about it because every single one of us has a studio/workspace that looks like that at some time or another. Unfortunately for me, mine tends to look that way more often than not!
    And even the gals who have been featured in the magazines admit to that kind of mess a lot of the time, so you're in good company.
    So you just keep on keepin' on because you are cranking out some lovely items in there......

  3. I am so happy to see a 'studio' that looks like mine - you know one from the real world. I love your glue books.Making the childrens glue book sounds like fun. I would love to make one along with you

  4. Hi Linda ! Love the honest photos of your studio. Mine frequently looks like a tornado has hit, but that's generally when the most creativity flows. I work hard to keep the majority of my supplies and boxes of ephemera hidden away in closets and cupboards in my studio, but elves come in during the night and undo all my attempts at neatness. Kitties are very helpful too, as they tip toe across my art table and steal little bits of ribbon and other treasures and hide them all over the house.

    Thanks for stopping by Star's Fault to visit. I have marked your blog and will be visiting again to see more of your lovely things!

    blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  5. My "studio" would never be featured in a magazine either, unless it was called "Real World Studios," or something like that! I'm just happy I have my own space to make messes and play. I keep this quote where I can see it, "A creative mess is better than neat idleness."



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