Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hooray for Just Another Ordinary Day!


~~~Not nearly as hot as usual for August in Kansas
~~~Having lunch with my dear husband at our favorite burger joint
~~~Jaunt by the library to pick up the newest books in for us
~~~My dear friend Tami coming over to chat and hug
~~~Sweet comments from Blogland Friends
~~~Spreading mulch over our newly planted little baby bushes
~~~Enjoying the site of simple green pottery and glass in the white hutch
~~~Working in little bits of time on little projects
~~~Mailing out button orders that I have sold
~~~Apples, cheese and Rice Krispie treats for supper

Most of us lead a life of many Ordinary days...... It is up to us to see them for what treasures they truly are...............


  1. I like your lifesavors. Enjoy the weekend. Sally

  2. Thanks Sally for the comment. I would love to write to you personally, but do not know where you are.

    Linda K

  3. You have it down to a tee. every ordinary day is filled with extraordinary blessings and gifts! Suzie. xxx



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