Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Thrift Store Finds

Picked up 3 little goodies at some charity thrift shops.

This book is full of cool pages of numbers and will be great for collages and gluebooks. And, the covers as bases for more.

These little "thingies" are oval pieces of cloth with old little bits of sweet prints handstitched on.Not sure of their purpose, but fun little "thingies" they are.

I ADORE tiny cups! This one tells the story of the suitor pursing his love on one
side and his winning her on the other. So cute to sip tea from at grammys next little tea party.


  1. How cute; love those cups! Those pages of numbers will make some fantastic backgrounds for collages too. I went 'junking' yesterday myself but haven't taken photos of my finds yet. I have SO much fun doing that; my finds are overwhelming me at this point. Just moved the youngest into college so maybe I'll get busy now and use some of those great 'thingies' that I have too haha

    Have a great Monday!!

  2. Ohhhhh.... I love the thingies you picked up at the Thrift Shop! You might find some more thingies at Miz Di's thrift basement when you come to visit! You are so inspiring!
    Love, Miz Di

  3. Great finds! Hope you are feeling better:)



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