Saturday, August 1, 2009

Books I am Perusing...........or Bookmarking

Showing a little stack of books on my reading shelf today. A wide variety of titles, showing a broad reading spectrum, eh? Well, not really..........(Especially NOT Expectant Motherhood; YIKES!)

I have saved a stash of hard cover book spines for quite awhile now from books I have disassembled for artwork. They make great one of a kind bookmarks. I have seen this idea in magazines and also recently on the blog GREEN PAPER. Lots of creative ephemera going on there. A bit of old book pages for the back, cardstock for the middle, some fave Mod Podge,top it off with an eyelet. And, I used some cool old fishing line that I picked up at a sale. New reel of it; no fishy smell :)


  1. Love these; so simple yet so creative! You are truly gifted; thanks for sharing your work.

  2. These are gorgeous Linda... what a great idea!

  3. How clever! I love bookmarks almost as much as I love books. I'm afraid I wouldn't have the nerve to cut up a book. Ha! I looked at your profile and found that you and I have much in common. We're the same age, both grandmothers, love 60's music, love creating things and art. I'm very happy to meet you. Hope you will follow my blog, too.

  4. These look wonderful - I have to try the fishing line idea!



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