Sunday, January 1, 2012

Words to Live (and Die) By

For many years I have said that when I die I would most like to be remembered with two words..............

    Encouraging and Generous

I try to live by those words.    I really believe that the way to be happy is to share what you have with others and to encourage others at all times.  If I have possessions or knowledge that I can share with others, I am most happy to do that.

As this new year begins, I am thinking on those words even more. 

What are the words you would like to be remembered by?


  1. Yes, Linda, those are two words I would use to describe you, among many other positive qualities you have. I would start listing them here, but that would embarrass you. And you already know. So what two words would I want to be known by? Let's see. . . . . "She was an acrobat and finally learned to play the piano in her old age." No, just kidding. I love both yours and Mary Ann's. So, how about . . . "Faithful" and "Encouraging" for me. It's a challenge to express something like that in just two words. Faithful to me means first about being faithful to God. Encouraging means trying to make a positive difference in someone else's life whenever possible. It means helping people to believe in themselves when they have lost heart or just never knew how good they are, or what their potential is.



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