Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Review - Absent in the Spring

Absent in the SpringAbsent in the Spring by Mary Westmacott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A happily married English woman with 3 grown children is stranded on a trip home from Iraq and is at a station in the desert in the middle of nowhere. The food is meagre and poor, she quickly reads her two books and there is nothing more to do but take walks.

After several days of alone, she has what I would call an epiphany and sees the ways she has always behaved with her family, urging them under her control. She seems to be given a second chance at asking forgiveness of them and making life more positive.

She is so relieved when she is finally home and is convicted that she should make amends as soon as possible.

I will not spoil it by writing about what occurs. This was an excellent look at a life not well lived, and being shown how to correct it for the better. It is a lesson to be learned for any of us.

I would actually like to re title this as "Absent in Her Head" as it seems as though she was not cognizant of her own character traits. This is my 2nd Christie fiction book and I was surprised and delighted at the story line and it's affect.

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