Sunday, August 26, 2012

Book Review - Some Old Lover's Ghost

Some Old Lover's GhostSome Old Lover's Ghost by Judith Lennox

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Starting in the year 1912 in England and spanning until current day, this book was rather a saga of families torn apart by a rape of a young maid by her wealthy master and the baby it produced, as well as the destruction and anguish of two world wars.

Now in her 80's, Tilda, employs Rebecca to write her biography, with the hidden desire that she might unravel one great mystery of the family. The story segues from old to current times, weaving a story of deception and pain. At the same time, Rebecca's story is also one of pain and hurt, as she continues to find her way as a young writer.

The characters are well formed, although there seems to be much jumping to conclusions on many of their parts, that only leads to more doubt and confusion in their relationships.

All the plot lines tied up neatly at the end, and not a page too soon, as this was a bit long at 474 pages.

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