Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Before and After -Decorating a Grandkids' Room

What a whirlwind, helping my friend Dianne with her room and guiding her in making decisions. We decided to go with a bright color palette of primaries in red, blue, green and yellow. As you can see from the before pics, we had some very dark blue paint on the bottom of the walls and a quirky, ugly border at top.

She wanted a reading nook like I have here I sent pics and talked with her husband John on the phone about the specs and he got started on the work before I arrived. He also did all the wall painting for us.The back wall of the nook is fabric that we tacked up.

The wall where all the kids names are done in wooden letters will be added to with each child's hand print when they visit. The white wall next to it is waiting for just the right pieces to add.

We found the darling easel chalkboard for a great price at an antique store. We also found the two sweet puzzles to hang. The vintage apron with is hanging over an ugly intercom that they do not use.

Still to come is a sweet rug that we ordered that will add more color.
Still more fluffing needed but the majority is finished. What a change! And, Dianne loves it. Lights still need to go in each end of the nook, but there should be lots of fun times in this room when the kidlets visit.

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  1. I really liked the change in the kids bedroom. I especially like the closet book nook. Very inviting and special.
    Glad to read about your trip and to hear how much fun you had!



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