Monday, October 12, 2009

Life Goes on Without Blogging

Before my big trip, I was in a good routine of posting every day or two and I am not back into it yet. Settling back into being home and enjoying fluffing things for FALL, my FAVE season!
One of my fond memories will be taking a buggy ride driven by an Amish neighbor where I stayed. There is much good to be said of the Amish way of life. Staying close to home to avoid wanting so much of what the world offers, working hard, helping out your neighbors and loving God.
It does seem that the more you see, the more you want. Many of us love our "stuff" so much. Making it, buying it, arranging it, showing it. It can be a vicious circle, or it can be a way to connect our lives to our homes and in friendship as we share with those around us. All depends on our focus and our motives.
Enjoy your "stuff" today. Just do not let it overwhelm you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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