Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catch it While You Can and a New Treasure

I am such a Fall Girl! And, I am so into enjoying it this very minute. Kansas is turning especially pretty this year.

Look at this darling little children's' dresser I found this weekend at an antique sale. My dear friend Karen sold it to me for a great price. It makes me happy looking at it. I'll NEVER grow up!!!


  1. I love the rooster on the dresser!!!!
    Is that a stencil or painted on, or better yet actually a wooden part of the drawer that is painted?

    Fall is my favorite time of year too, right along with the wandering penguins. How cute are they!!

  2. Dear Anonymous; the rooster is a decal.
    Hugs, Grammy

  3. Sweet find Linda! Now you have to fill it with tiny vintage doll clothes :o)

    btw... this is Canace... I'm in NH and I can't remember by

  4. What a darling dresser- and I'm loving fall, too. But rain, rain go away!



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