Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Trip to Land 'a Goshen (Indiana that is!)

I am busily scurrying around to make ready for a big trip. I have not been anywhere for 3 years! Well, I mean, any big trips like this. Plus, my friend Dianne and I have SO MANY plans that I am already exhausted. We are decorating a room for her grandchildren (7 and still counting!), having a tea party for a bunch of her friends, watching Anne of Green Gables together (she has NEVER seen it!), making gluebooks, and going to the fall show of the Michigan Button Society. If you live anywhere Near Big Rapids, Michigan and you LOVE buttons, you HAVE to try to come to this either Saturday or Sunday. You will see buttons like you have NEVER seen before and meet the nicest people anywhere! And, I get to see my dearest friend Sue and stay overnight at the show (can anyone say Baileys' Irish Creme?)plus a lot of other great button friends too!
So, have to get busy...........Less than two days now! (Can't you tell? I REALLY need to get away!!!)


  1. Linda,
    Sure sounds like big fun in store for you....enjoy and take lots of pictures!!

  2. OH, I used to watch Anne of Green Gables, I loved it as I used to live in Nova Scotia! Hope you have a wonderful time away! Suzie. x



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