Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sewin' and Plannin' and Dreamin' and Restin"

I am busy getting ready for a long awaited trip to see friends. Been a long time since I have been anywhere. Today I made this apron to take to someone special. It is from a free pattern HERE

It did not call for buttons, but a day without buttons is like..............well, YOU KNOW..............so, anyway, I just had to add some.

I know it is miles of days before Valentines, but this little image is my favorite button post card. I have been making so many of these little collages lately. In case you are wondering............no, I do not use the actual card, but I scan and print on cardstock.

In between the doing and thinking and creating, I have to take little naps. Guess Grammy is feeling her age a bit.



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