Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Encouragement to All in Blogland

Everyone reading this needs encouragement. No matter what our age, income, abilities or life situation, we all need to hear positive words to help us grow and flourish. This little girl is my way to say that I encourage all of you bloggers to keep on creating and sharing what you do. I am truly astounded by the wealth of talent that is here for us to view and be inspired by.

And, if you are one who is considering beginning a blog~~~~Just DO it! It is a wonderful way to share yourself with others and helps you to focus on what you do.
E-Mail me at if you need more encouragement!

Thanks to my friend Dianne in Indiana who shared this sweet little girl image with me.


  1. That's very sweet Linda. I agree, blogging is great on so many levels. Making new friends is the best in my opinion :D Thanks for sharing.

    I was actually checking back to see which store had the glue sticks you mentioned in your last post since I'm heading to town. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I wasn't sure when I started blogging, but I love it! I enjoy meeting all of you wonderful talented people. It is heart woarming how many lovely people are ot there! Suzie. XXX :)

  3. Blogging can be such a positive long as everyone is as nice as you!
    Thanks for the info on the glue sticks. No office depot near us only Staples... boo hoo!

  4. You are so right. We all do need encouragement, and I have found it in blogging, too. So nice to have so many new friends.

  5. Great post and you are so right, we all need encouragement, love and appreciation

  6. Wonderful post Linda! I appreciate all of your kind and encouraging comments on my means a great deal to me:) Have a great day!

    Take Care - Robin

  7. Love the encouragement Linda ~ Blogging has become such a lovely artistic endeavor for me, and I love seeing what others are making too. There are so many generous artists in blogland sharing their craft and their kind words.

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  8. Linda, this post made me smile! Thanks for the encouragement. :-)
    The little bit of glitter on the girl's shoes is so sweet! It's most adorable!

    happy bloggin



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