Wednesday, September 30, 2009

These Days We Say "Repurposed"~~~~~~~~~~~

But, I can remember my grandma abiding by this little verse:

Make it Last
Wear it Out
Use it Up
Or Do Without

So, she would love these little bags that I have made from a book of fabric scraps that I got awhile back with several books of wallpaper. Some I left with their pinked edges showing. Some have my favorite common white string hand stitched through the tops as a drawstring. Some have ribbon. And some are just made as foldover pieces with a flap to keep things in. Perhaps to use as a little gift bag. I even made a little pillow out of one, with buttons added, of course!

Taking these to Indiana to give to all the ladies that come to a little tea party we are having. Kinda like taking my grandma along with me :)

I just love making things from something that would be just thrown away. What can you make today?


  1. hi Linda,
    Great way to use up things that would be thrown out....I hate waste. I have some gorgeous fabric sample books too from a friends fabric store. Some are so big I could make pillows from them.

  2. How sweet, I'll bet your grandma would be thrilled to be "going along" with you!

  3. What gorgeous fabrics and such a great way to use them

  4. I love that saying, and have also seen: "Use it up. Wear it out. Make do. Do without" Either way it speaks to old fashioned values that make a whole lot of sense in today's economy, right? I've arrived at an age where literally "less is more" and love old things that show a bit of "mileage" - like me!!

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault



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